March Madness: The Bracket for Your Life

More people put more effort into their March Madness brackets than their own lives.

When was the last time you sat down and wrote out some goals? Laid down a foundation of thought and purpose, and created a path to succeed in your own life?  Never.

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Personal Responsibility: How to Destroy the Victimhood Mentality

“I am a unique snowflake. I was raised differently than everybody else. I have had difficult life situations that have caused great emotional pain. That emotional pain has led to my weight gain. And because of my uniqueness, my weight loss goals are ever outside my reach because no weight loss program or theory could possibly account for how unique I am.” 

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The Spectrum of Destiny

I get asked all to often in small talk, “What do you do?” I know people mean it innocently enough. I take it offensively though, as though I could possibly explain in this artificial small talk the entire spectrum of things I do. Or that somehow what I do from 9-5 defines “what I do”. … Continue reading The Spectrum of Destiny

Lite Week

Lite Week has taught me some invaluable lessons. Firstly, that 2,000 calories is too low for me, as 3,500 calories is too high. So I’m raising my caloric intake to a steady 2,500 calories. Even with clearing 3,000 calories every single day this week, I still lost an impressive 3.2 lbs from Sunday to Sunday. … Continue reading Lite Week