Through Logan Flames


Nothing like a pretty girl in a pretty city.

My girl, Paulette, and myself took a stroll through Logan Square. Stopped by a great bar I’ve been wanting to check out, Spilt Milk. Had a couple excellent cocktails and continued the journey. Continue reading “Through Logan Flames”

Being Social Media Free: The State of Social Relevancy in the Modern World

What happens when you escape the modern social media machine?

If you didn’t post a status, or Tweet a photo, or Snap your dinner, or put a filter over your face every few hours, would you be a better person? Would you free up time? Would you become more productive? Would people look at you as some mysterious bastion of a retro lifestyle from a bygone era living in modernity?

I did, for an entire year.  Continue reading “Being Social Media Free: The State of Social Relevancy in the Modern World”

The Spectrum of Destiny

I get asked all to often in small talk, “What do you do?” I know people mean it innocently enough. I take it offensively though, as though I could possibly explain in this artificial small talk the entire spectrum of things I do. Or that somehow what I do from 9-5 defines “what I do”. … Continue reading The Spectrum of Destiny

The Governor

I once met a man who called himself The Governor. Not because he governed, but because he didn’t allow his life to be limited by a governor. A governor, or speed limiter, is a device used to measure and regulate the speed of a machine, such as an engine. Why call yourself The Governor when … Continue reading The Governor