My name is Jonathan Quinn.

I am the creator of JQuinn.Life.

JQuinn.Life represents my attempt at expressing a mindset.

A mindset developed through struggle and self-discovery.

It is both meant to serve as an avenue for my creativity, as well as focal point for the development of other men.

My goal is that through my writing, videos, and podcasts you can go through that same self-discovery in the direction of self-betterment. And through bettering ourselves we serve the greater good, we turn the tide against the societal trend of self-destruction into the direction of self-creation.

We are the leaders of our own lives.

JQuinn.Life is split into four categories. Each of which I believe represent a progression.

Spirit  —  Mind  —  Body  —  Life

Your life is built upon the foundation of the 3 principles aligned in a specific order. Without that order in place, failure is guaranteed; for without the proper Spirit, we will always question our motivations and direction; for without the proper Mind we will consistently take improper action for our lack of knowledge; for without the proper Body our life will always be a struggle focused on our health and our inabilities than our true desires; for without the proper Life we will always regret the “what if’s” of a life live unfulfilled.


Our spirit is formed at birth, it is the innate and universal desire to become better, to succeed, to create.

It is a seed planted by creation to motivate humanity ever forward.


The Spirit section is dedicated to that singular word: Motivation

It is a culmination of motivational ideas designed to help find your seed, your purpose; to help water and nurture it in the beginning of its sprouting; and to reinforce that young seedling against the winds of struggle and downfall often faced when doing something you fear of accomplishing.


Once the seed is found, we must find the information necessary to create a change.

Motivation is nothing without execution.

But to execute properly is always a matter of having the correct information.

Mind is dedicated to an exploration of what is “correct information”.


Once the mind is aligned with the spirit, it is time for the Body to follow.

What is health? What is wellness? How do we measure our life against the actions we take for and against ourselves?

Body is a center for workouts, for recipes, for everything immediately actionable to better yourself right now. Not ideas, not theories, not discussion; simply a direct path from right now to tomorrow with the best activities and courses of action for your life.


Our lives hold more value than simply fitness, philosophy, recipes, or workouts; our lives encompass a wide range of interests, passions, and important discussions on topics most people find taboo.

Life is dedicated to my musings, my photography, my poetry, my creativity, and of course my controversial ideas about everything from politics to relationships. It is the insight into my mind and life that will cause you to question your own beliefs about the world we live in.

On the Life tab you will find every article that I write, it should be considered as the first stop to read my posts as they are released. Every other tab is categorized to make sense of all the different subjects I touch upon.

My goal is to create a community of highly motivated, intensely focused, and unbelievably capable men aimed at a single goal, improving the world and the collective through self-action.

If you feel a connection to my words, join me on our journey to discovering how to become the best version of ourselves.


Push the Positive — Reverse the Negative — Affect the World

Reach me by e-mail at: JQuinn.Life@gmail.com



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