Life and Creativity.

The scope of all that we do forever remembered in a digital state.

What message do we leave behind?

This blog is written by myself,  Jonathan Quinn.

Through it I hope you see the world with the eyes of creative expression.

It is the stories we tell to make sense of our senses.

The random collection of musings and imagery  is not meant to be understood as individual pieces.

It is instead meant to be read as a whole, an encapsulated mindset.

There is no destination, only the journey. A journey I invite you to join.

On the Life tab you will find every article that I write, it should be considered as the first stop to read my posts as they are released. Every other tab is categorized to make sense of all the different subjects I touch upon.

My goal is to create a community of highly motivated, intensely focused, and unbelievably capable people aimed at a single goal, improving the world and the collective through self-action.

If you feel a connection to my words, join me on our journey to discovering how to become the best version of ourselves.



Push the Positive — Reverse the Negative — Affect the World


Reach me by e-mail at: JQuinn.Life@gmail.com



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