Money Can’t Buy Happiness – JQuinn.Life – The Vlog: Ep. 004

What is the price for happiness? At what amount can you call your life complete?

Greed can never be the epicenter of your life. You will never feel complete knowing you aren’t accomplishing what is meant for you to accomplish. The innate seed of creation inside your soul will never allow you to rest.

So many of us are stuck. Stuck in jobs we hate, doing work we hate day in and day out. Living an existence meant solely to pay bills.

We become dissatisfied with life. An internal ache to create beckons for us to face our fears.

Most people bury that feeling; through weekends, through drugs, through bad decisions and thoughtless actions.

Few decide to embrace the fear, the anger, the dissatisfaction.

Few choose to follow their instincts into the possibility of failure.

And in that choice, we create for ourselves the life we were always meant to live.

Choose you, choose to follow the desire for happiness, the happiness that is only found in doing what is impossible to you.



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