Vision: Creating who you want to be

JQuinn.Life – The Vlog: Ep. 003

What is the vision for your life? What does the best version of yourself look like, act like, what does that version do day in and day out?

Creating a vision of who you want to be is the very first step in changing your lifestyle.

In this video, I go over what it takes to create that vision. I ask you to do something very difficult, to look internally, and to pull out from within you the truest version of yourself.

Admitting truths about yourself is never easy, but neither is transforming into a better you.

I also talk about my vision, about my physique goals, and about my Patreon page.

You can check out my Patreon page below:

JQuinn.Life Patreon Page

Thanks for the continued support, and can’t wait to make the next video!



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