Being Social Media Free: The State of Social Relevancy in the Modern World

What happens when you escape the modern social media machine?

If you didn’t post a status, or Tweet a photo, or Snap your dinner, or put a filter over your face every few hours, would you be a better person? Would you free up time? Would you become more productive? Would people look at you as some mysterious bastion of a retro lifestyle from a bygone era living in modernity?

I did, for an entire year. 

As an experiment, as a pursuit of self-discovery, and as an expression of my desire not to be a part of the very machine I feel is molding the unconscious mind of humanity.

I began with Facebook 3 years ago, and slowly grinded everything down until my last post on Instagram a year ago.

Then poof.

In an anti-climatic moment, I became socially irrelevant.


Something strange happens when your carefully crafted digital persona suffers a death, when the real person behind the screen doesn’t. You become an in between. People know you exist, but they’re not sure about how you exist. They don’t understand your life, they don’t have access to the constant stream of thoughts and ideas that represent who you are.

When that moment is reached. You are no longer accepted as real.

The modern world is social media. To be socially relevant, to have a say in this world, you have to be a part of the world which dictates to us reality, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and the hundreds of other avenues for social expression.

Social relevancy today is not based on income, or genetics, or heritage, or lineage. Not like it has been throughout human history. We have hit a new era, one in which social relevancy, and your level of importance is dictated by internet Karma points, followers, likes.

Being outside of that doesn’t grant you immunity from that reality.

So what is the great truth I found on the outside of the social media world?

No one cares.

Welcome To JQuinn.Life



3 thoughts on “Being Social Media Free: The State of Social Relevancy in the Modern World

  1. Been thinking about doing this myself.. I abandoned facebook for 4 months, and for some reason started looking at it again. It’s the same old crap, same surveys, same pics, same political rants, and no one seemed to care that I was back, so I will be doing a hiatus again. This time, I think for good. Thanks for the inspiration.

    P.S. Come back to MFP 😛


    1. I checked the news feed once… That will be the last time I do that! I’m planning on just creating content, putting stuff out there for other people to comment on instead of looking through the newsfeed getting angry at random crap that doesn’t affect my life. And I do miss MFP.



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