Do Not Give an Ounce of Belief to Fear

Do not fear failure. And by the same coin do not be afraid of the success yet to come.

–Jonathan Quinn


Fear is the most constant of emotions. A dark rider in most of our lives. Fear of the future, of other people’s judgments, of death, of failure, of success.

Fear pervades even the most stoic of minds. Yet it is in these moments of fear that we are molded.

Anything I have ever done I have been excellent at it, the golden touch. Yet throughout my life I have never achieved any semblance of greatness, because of my fear of success. The oft forgotten fear behind its big brother, the fear of failure.

My irrational confidence never allowed me to fear failure, it simply did not exist as a possibility in my mind. I have never struggled with not attempting something. In fact, I’m plagued with constant pulls of my attention.

But time and time again, I reach a certain level of success. You probably know that feeling, that point in your pursuit of something right before you break through. That zenith point before lift off into the stratosphere begins. That’s when I eject.

I’ve asked myself countless times… Why?

Why leave before you accomplish the greatest of goals and become what you set out to be?

The Fear of Success

The fear of success, the overwhelming irrational fear that once you do reach that level of success you’ve worked so hard to achieve, you won’t be able to handle it. Or maybe you’ll be transmuted by it, perverting your craft into some “commercial” thing ready to be packaged and sold.

So we readjust our goals, to something we know we can easily reach. Something that won’t bring the same level of success, but won’t hurt as much if we fail to succeed.

“Most people fail in life not because they aim too high and miss, but because they aim too low and hit.”

― Les Brown

The dark rider only shows his face when he smirks.

Overcoming the Fear

Discipline, the fear killer.

Routine, the habit maker.

Instilling in yourself positive habits, the discipline to continue on when fear is attempting to consume you is the only way to defeat any fear you have.

I no longer fear my future success.

I no longer set my goals too low to insure I succeed.

I have overcome my fear.

Will you?

What habits have you made today?




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