March Madness: The Bracket for Your Life

More people put more effort into their March Madness brackets than their own lives.

When was the last time you sat down and wrote out some goals? Laid down a foundation of thought and purpose, and created a path to succeed in your own life?  Never.

Instead you waste hours of your life analyzing and agonizing over minute details about a game that has ZERO consequence in your fucking life!

You’re wondering why you haven’t gone anywhere? Why you haven’t progressed towards success? It’s not because you don’t have every opportunity to succeed, it’s because it’s not handed to you, it’s because you’d rather spend your time on a college basketball bracket than your own goals.

Instead of spending hours on your brackets, how about you spend ONE hour on your goals.

See what happens. See how your mind drifts toward possibilities, towards new ideas, and maybe even a new life purpose.



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