Personal Responsibility: How to Destroy the Victimhood Mentality

“I am a unique snowflake. I was raised differently than everybody else. I have had difficult life situations that have caused great emotional pain. That emotional pain has led to my weight gain. And because of my uniqueness, my weight loss goals are ever outside my reach because no weight loss program or theory could possibly account for how unique I am.” 

Let me ask you, did you hear yourself in that quote? Do you feel that somehow your life situation is more unique, or more difficult than anybody else’s who has ever lost weight? Do you blame your weight gain, and complete lack of self-control on others?

You might be a victim.

A victim of Victomhood Mentality.

You have convinced yourself that the world has been out to get you your entire life. And every opportunity that comes your way, every chance you get to change your lifestyle, all of it is always torn from your fingers because of circumstance.

You find excuses in everything: Your childhood, friends, family, co-workers, spouse, home, job, money.

Excuses are what protect your fragile ego. The ego which refuses to accept reality:

“I have failed. I am a failure, not because of others, or of a situation I did not have control over, I am a failure because I have never been consistent with anything in my life. I have never valued myself over my emotions. And I will continue to fail, because my excuses continue to outweigh the importance of my goals.”

Suddenly an emotional weight is freed from your chest. Lightness touches your feet, and you begin to float.

You are no longer a victim.

Personal responsibility takes tremendous effort and consistency, but it comes with great reward: achieving your own personal destiny. The day you refuse to use the excuses that have forever protected your ego, the day you look inward at who is truly at fault for not achieving the life you’ve always wanted; that is the day your transformation begins. For in that moment, clarity touches your mind, and you go back to every attempt you’ve made at significant change in your life, and you begin to realize in every one of those moments you had complete control over the outcome.

As the fire inside your chest begins to rage, you hear a quiet roar of a voice you know you’ve heard once before:

“I am powerful. I do not allow anything outside my mind to affect the thoughts and emotions that happen inside my mind. I have a destiny, I have purpose, and I can develop the drive it requires to achieve it. It is up to me, and noone else is responsible for whether I succeed or fail. I will do what it takes, sacrifice whatever is needed, because when it comes to success, I know only this: I am not a victim, I am a lion, and I will forever be loyal to myself and my destiny!”


Lion Roar


3 thoughts on “Personal Responsibility: How to Destroy the Victimhood Mentality

  1. I had to laugh when reading this because I have had many of the same excuses. No so much that my life is more “unique” than others but the excuses part. Too busy, spouse, home, kids, etc…… And I have had them recently. Funny thing is I have succeeded in weight loss and fitness before with all of the same “life issues”. I have just allowed them to consume my spirit more than usual. I am glad I read this. Time to break through the excuses again.



    1. I believe in your ability to break through any excuse. Don’t be held down by your own mind, instead use it to catapult you further than you ever imagined possible!



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