The Spectrum of Destiny

I get asked all to often in small talk, “What do you do?”

I know people mean it innocently enough.

I take it offensively though, as though I could possibly explain in this artificial small talk the entire spectrum of things I do.

Or that somehow what I do from 9-5 defines “what I do”.

Who we are is not our past experiences, or our past failures, or our current passions.

Who we are is our destiny, and the journey to reach it with everything we are.

Live Your Destiny.


2 thoughts on “The Spectrum of Destiny

  1. I kinda like my “paycheck earning gig” but no it does not define me wholly…I think i am ok with people asking about it though because I do enjoy it so much and have a lot of passion for it….obviously cause the paycheck isn’t what keeps me here. 🙂



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