Habit Manipulation – The 7-21-90 System to Transforming Your Life

”Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.” –Arnold Schwarzenegger

We as humans have a choice to make individually about the lifestyle and ideals we choose to exist by. Oftentimes we fall prey to the easy addictions life has to offer.

Procrastination creates a mindset of inactivity. “Oh not to worry, I’ll do it tomorrow. I’ll get healthy tomorrow. I’ll make more money tomorrow. I’ll love better tomorrow. I’ll live life to the fullest tomorrow.”

Tomorrow is always so full of hope. It is not until the day of despair hits. When you look in the mirror and you don’t like what you see. You have a fat body, your bills are overdue, you’re wheezing from too many cigarettes, your stomach hurts from so much heartburn, and your attractiveness is almost non-existent. That is the day you make a massive realization:

Tomorrow is today, and today I am not living the life I thought I would be. 

With that realization comes a question: How do I change? How do I make the dreams I always had for tomorrow become a reality today? How can I develop my body and mind into what I’ve always wanted it to be? The answer is simple, unassuming, and easier than you ever imagined:

Habit Manipulation:

The 7-21-90 System to Transforming Your Life

Habits make who you are. The little details of your life, those few things that you do day in and day out that you think don’t matter; here’s a shocking revelation: they do matter, habits are the only thing that matter. Success is not given, goals cannot be accomplished, and your life will never change until you recognize that every habit you have in your life either benefits or hurts you.

But to change your life, you have to understand a single concept: Will Power

Will Power is the muscle of the mind. Like all muscles, it must be worked and exercised, so that it can become stronger, so that it can handle more. And what is the “more”? Habits, life changes, consistency, and self-awareness compose the “more”.  Understanding that your Will Power is not unlimited, it is not incredibly powerful, and it is the reason you have so few good habits and so many bad ones, is the first step in understanding how to change.

I have never known an unfit person who looked at 500 lbs on a barbell and thought to themselves: “I could squat that.” But the number of people who look at their own bad habits and say, “I can change all of them on Monday,” must be countless. — Jonathan Quinn

Motivation is a funny thing, it gives us enthusiasm and energy to change our lives, as well as unrealistic expectations. Motivation doesn’t count for anything, when it doesn’t lead to real change.

Motivation is the New Years Resolution. “I am going to quit smoking, stop eating fast food, stop drinking pop, start eating more vegetables and fruit, start working out, and I’m going to do all of this on Monday… But since it’s Saturday… I better fit all the fast food I can into my mouth today, all of the alcohol I can drink, and make sure I don’t move a single muscle because of how sore I’ll be Monday night.”

Maybe you heard the voice in your own head the countless times you’ve said that.

It is time for a different way. For a different strategy on changing your life. And it all starts with Goals.

Goals: Positive and Negative Goals

Let’s redefine the term goal:

Goal: Any habit change. A positive goal is the introduction of a new habit (i.e. waking up at 5:30 A.M to go for a run). A negative goal is the removal of a negative life habit (i.e. no longer drinking soda)

Positive and Negative Goals are equally important. Defining those goals has to be done purposely, and understanding the fundamental differences between Positive and Negative goals is crucial in the development of Will Power. Conversely, it is also important to understand the similarities between the two outweigh the differences.

How do you go about accomplishing Positive Goals while simultaneously achieving Negative Goals?


The 7-21-90 System: Introduce; Ingrain; Entrench 

7 days to install or remove a habit, this is called the introductory phase.

30 days to make that habit ingrained in your life. 

90 days to make that habit entrenched in who you are.

7 Days – Introductory Phase: Take a single week, and a single goal (positive or negative goal). Focus all intention and determination for change on that single goal. Allow all other  bad habits to exist comfortably.

30 Days – Ingraining Phase: The first seven days focused on a single goal. The second seven days focused on another goal while still maintaining the first goal, and so on with the third and fourth week. By the 30 days you have effectively started implementing 4 separate goals. But it is only the first goal, the one that has been consistently accomplished for 30 days that can be considered ingrained in your life. 

90 Days – Entrenching Phase: It takes 90 days to consider any goal an entrenched habit. It becomes no longer a goal, it is a part of who you are. Your life can officially be considered changed. Feel proud.


This snowballing effect is very gradual, and as momentum of change is picked up, goals are more easily attained and maintained. Will Power is developed, in a controlled and methodical fashion. As days stack, weeks stack, and months stack, the gradual wave of positive change in your life culminates into your ultimate transformation. You become whatever it is you have always wanted to be.

We forge ourselves out of our habits, only you know which habits in your own life need to be changed. And while the task might seem daunting, the reality is not so.

Imagine by following Habit Manipulation – The 7-21-90 System to Transforming Your Life, in 3 months you will have worked on 12 goals, and entrenched 1 of them into who you want to become. That is powerful. That is change, real life change made over a short period of time. You can accomplish that change, you can become the vision of yourself that you want to be.

Become that vision.



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