Lite Week

Lite Week has taught me some invaluable lessons.
Firstly, that 2,000 calories is too low for me, as 3,500 calories is too high. So I’m raising my caloric intake to a steady 2,500 calories.

Even with clearing 3,000 calories every single day this week, I still lost an impressive 3.2 lbs from Sunday to Sunday. I also lowered my workout time and volume. With both of these in place I figured I’d reduce the amount of weight I’m losing per week, and in fact actually kept it around the same level.

Listening to your body is crucial. It is the crux of weight loss and your fitness journey.
It sounds simple enough, but often times you either do too little, and your body doesn’t develop, or you do too much, and you get burnt out. Finding the balance is what listening to your body is all about.

Lite week has also taught me that lifting light weights has its place in my workout routine. It’s important to develop muscle endurance, as much it is important to develop muscle strength. So for the rest of the month I’m planning on using light weight and high reps exclusively to build up that muscle endurance.

For those of us who see hard work as the only type of work acceptable, I think Lite Weeks are that much more important. 

What is your body telling you?



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