Art & Creativity: The Lifeblood of Change

Artistic creation is a representation of who I am

This blog is ultimately my creative expression.

I believe in the power of creativity to heal mental wounds caused by the harsh experiences of life.

As important as I feel Habit Manipulation, Ketogenics, Intermittent Fasting, and Fitness might be in redefining my life, and hopefully yours; it is equally important to understand what humans are at our core: Creators

We create that which comes from deep within, it is an external expression of an internal reality.

My writings on this blog aren’t designed to sell you anything. I will never be a “seller”. I am not a “converter”. I am not “in it for the money”.

I create for a single reason: Passion

Passion is what drives my life, and anything else is only a distraction

My commitment to you, to myself, and the reason this post is on the front page is this:

I will forever be focused solely on the creation of my own vision and life path. I will never compromise my integrity in the pursuit of creative expression. I will never yield in the face of adversity, or stand timid against the negativity of others, or from the demons within. I will stand shoulder to shoulder with those who have the same life intention as I do, and do all that I can muster to create as many shoulders to stand beside.  

I will teach, I will inspire, and I will create.

The Lifeblood of Change

To truly transform your life, you must transform your mind. And the only way to transform the mind is through creativity and the power of art.

Whatever that art might be to you: Writing, Drawing, Photography, Sculpting, Music, Building, Dancing, Fitness

You must hone every facet of it with your mind. That intense focus on a singular objective is what catapulted humans into the stratosphere of consciousness we currently inhabit. What you accomplish by beating on your craft day after day is much more than just skill. You develop a mentality, a confidence, a sort of aura surrounding the excellence you earned through hard work and dedication to something.

That understanding will be the background to everything else you do in life. It will become your Lifeblood.



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