Pivotal Point of Positivity

There’s a reason I am the most hated, and the most appreciated person, in equal parts, on MFP.

To a special friend I’ll leave nameless:

Look I get it. I really do.

Feelz > Realz

It’s more important to you that you feel helpless. Like anything and everything you’ve ever done failed because IT was wrong, and not your actions. I’m not being mean for the sake of making you feel bad, I don’t even know you.

I’m giving you a kick in the ass. Lighting a fire of reality beneath you. And yea it’s uncomfortable. I get that. But what would you rather have, a group of people patting you on the back saying “Hey at least you gave it a shot!” Or someone who’s willing to actually push you a little.

I truly do want to help you lose weight, I care about you a lot more than all the people who just pat you on the back.

If my approach seems aggressive, it’s meant to be. How else will you ever reach the mentality it takes to take control of your life? By accident? By falling into it? No.

It’s ok to unfriend me, I understand. I hope only all the success for your life and weight loss. And I’ll always be here to give you my support and views if you ever want them.

I get this quite a lot:

“Your approach works, but it doesn’t work for everybody. Maybe you should tweak it differently for different people.”


Trust me when I say, I absolutely tweak it. But where most people would go a little easier, I CHOOSE to go harder. There is a psychology there, it is not by accident, or by callousness with which I CHOOSE the level of intensity I lay on people.

Think back to a moment in your life that redefined your view of health and fitness. I can almost guarantee it wasn’t a feel good moment. Maybe your husband or wife passingly called you fat, or maybe it was an attractive person you met who pushed you away after looking at your body, or a photo of you that you didn’t even recognize, or maybe it was a doctor telling you if you don’t lose weight, you’ll die.

Redefining life moments come from negative experiences more times than not. Most are not willing to be that negative experience, but I am. Because I know when I look at my own negative experience that changed my views, I don’t look at it as a negative anymore, but as the pivotal point of positivity that it is.



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